2 years ago on 2 August 2012 @ 7:22pm
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Weight loss starting tomorrow

Ok so after giving birth its almost nearly a year and I need to loose my belly fat. Yes must loose it before summer
So tomorrow i plan to buy a skipping rope for cardio workout and a scale to see my weight and compare it every 2 weeks
I also plan to do plank workout which will help loose the belly fat rather than doing crunches.
With my diet I decided to just eat small frequent amount and cause Im always out and about my take out food would only be sushi.

3 years ago on 12 September 2011 @ 1:23pm

I dont understand how you could lie to when you even told me you wont. Felt like the biggest idiot and have been used.. Thats all. I know im not someone that a guy would go crazy for but i know i have something good in me.i know its not my looks or even my personality.. But i know I could care so much about someone I love.. Our baby.
It sucks because Ive been feeling this, that you and I would just separate.. I know it’ll be because Im boring, awkward, not fun or anything NoNo. But please dont tell me you love me when even the simpliest thing.. You’d do and lie about it.. We have a kid, i think he needs more attention than you do.. Do you even think about that.? I thought we’d have a good family. We just started but look you’re lying already.. Im not attractive or anything but please dont rub it to my face.
All i have now is just Seth and Im going to make sure that he’ll find out about how crap of a daddy you are..or wait, he wont even call you his dad..

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Staying in love. Sometimes, staying in love is one of the hardest things to do. Especially when you’ve been a couple for a really long time now. Sometimes, the “spark” doesn’t stay that long. It just goes away. What do we mean by “staying” in love? It’s when two people still love each other like it’s their first day as lovers. This is the secret of long-term couples. Those whom we can say that they’ll grow old together. These are the people who know when to swallow their pride for the one they love. Staying in love is one thing that you should protect, because once it starts to fade, it’s hard to bring the sparks back.

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Just gave birth today at 4:35am

22nd of august 2011, welcome to the world Seth Alexander Haro.

38 weeks tomorrow. 2 weeks left but baby could come out anytime this week :)

36 weeks pregnant.

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cuteee.. how i wishh


Extreme fishing with Sean and his dad at Garie Beach

3 years ago on 4 August 2011 @ 9:25pm
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Love Heart









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I love my Girlfriend Shanen Allida.

you better or I’ll punch you in the face… jokes ^.^

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